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Cognitive Skills Determine Learning Ability

Research has shown that cognitive skills are a determining factor of an individual's learning ability. Cognitive skills are mental skills that are used in the process of acquiring knowledge; according to the skills that "separate the good learners from the so-so learners." In essence, when cognitive skills are strong, learning is fast and easy.… Read More »

Psychosocial Factors That Promote Successful Aging

There are several psychological and social factors that have been linked to increased individual life expectancy and quality of life in older adults. While the majority of attention in the life extension and successful aging field has focused on physical factors such as exercise, diet, sleep, genetics and so on, there is a growing body… Read More »

A Christian Sex Premature Ejaculation Cure

There are a number of methods Christian individuals can use to deal with premature ejaculation. One remedy for dealing with this is a mental technique. Usually this involves thinking about something else during sexual intimacy. Often times it will involve sports. Thinking of one’s favorite football team and going through the roster or record in… Read More »

Purity of Purpose Defining the Unsettled Areas in Ourselves Relationships Careers and Lives

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Observation Application Demonstration We none know what we are doing. Though we go about our days with full intent, saturated purpose and determined objectives, the real sublime reason why we are motivated to act remains hidden from view. We awake in the morning with a concentrated objective, having calculated… Read More »

Are Your Children Empaths? Teach Them How To Manage Their Emotional Intelligence

We are all born with the ability to sense emotions in others. It's is a basic survival skill for humans and animals. This ability usually subsides in childhood as we learn to focus more on verbal cues than emotional ones. Empaths, on the other hand, have a heightened sensitivity to other people's emotions that keeps… Read More »