Monthly Archives: March 2016

What is Intelligence? The Three Main Theories of Intelligence – Two Good, One Bad

When people talk about a person's 'intelligence' it is not generally clear what underlying ability or abilities this term refers to. This article is intended to clarify in layman's terms what psychologists and brain scientists can mean by intelligence. Basically, there are two good theories – and scientists are divided on which is the best… Read More »

The Role of Collaboration in Organizations

Collaboration 'More than 97 percent of senior leaders believed collaboration is essential to success. However, only 30 percent of respondents and 47 percent of senior leaders believed leaders in their organization are actually skilled in collaboration. Results indicate leaders must learn to work across boundaries to collaborate effectively in the coming years. ' (Centre for… Read More »

Overcoming Dyslexia – One of the Most Common Learning Disabilities

Research studies suggest that as large as 9 per cent of school aged children in the United States alone are suffering from Dyslexia. Some researchers have suggested even 17 per cent. It is understood that problem could be much larger in Europe and non-European countries. It is reported that in countries like the US, Canada,… Read More »

Writing Grants – How Do Technical Writing Skills Affect Grant Funding?

Writing grant proposals can be an intimidating process. Some people never undertake the challenge because they assume they need specialized technical skills in order to win grant funding. That assumption is false. Though grant writing can be a labor-intensive task, the most critical aspects of writing a winning proposal are not technical secrets available only… Read More »