Monthly Archives: May 2016

Crisis Intervention – A Critique

Crisis events are not only associated with adverse mental health conditions for our students, but also with significant learning difficulties. As educators, it is important for us to know what we can do immediately following a crisis involving our students in order to prevent the traumatization that contributes to these negative outcomes. Crisis intervention in… Read More »

Optimum Population, the Malthusian Population Theory and the Demographic Transition Theory

Optimum population may be defined as the type of population which when combined with the available resources and the given level of existing technology secure a maximum return per head. Optimum population is neither too small or too large. In other words, optimum population stands in between the two other extremes of over population and… Read More »

Homeschool vs Public School – Examining The Two Top Arguments

Many parents across America have decided to follow a recent and growing trend of removing their kids from public school systems and homeschooling their children. While it is viewed by many teaching professionals as detrimental to a childs educational development the parents who have taught their children at home will tell you its the best… Read More »