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Southern Gothic Writing in "A Rose For Emily" and "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Southern Gothic is an American subgenre of the Gothic style, which is probably most familiar to you from the Brontë sisters of Victorian England. (No, we're not talking Hot Topic here.) Like its European progenitor, the Southern Gothic style relies heavily on the supernatural – only with less "O, Heathcliffe!" and more "Oh no, racism!"… Read More »

The Nigerian Movie Industry (Nollywood) – The Origin (History)

Here is an abridged version (yet richly enlightening) from one of the articles i wrote concerning this subject matter. Film exhibition began to thrive during the Colonial era, with Glover Memorial Hall playing host to a range of memorable films viewed by "potential Nigerians", in August 1903. However, the non-availability of proper records reflecting the… Read More »

Tips on Writing a Winning Supervisor Resume

Supervising is directly related to leadership qualities and management. The job requires lot of understanding of human behavior, ability to handle workforce, and a sharp mind to tackle various issues. Hence, when writing a supervisor resume it is very important to highlight the leadership skills and management abilities. Start the resume with your personal profile… Read More »

Wealth Without a College Degree

The crave for paper qualification is causing more harm than good. Since our society has erroneously equated literacy to mere paper qualification or fluency in English language. Everyone regardless of their age, passion, purpose and ability wants to bag a degree from any educational institution. The society now respects paper qualification more than skill and… Read More »