Monthly Archives: September 2016

How to Communicate Well With Your Childcare Teachers

Parents want the most for their child’s preschool experience. To make that happen, parents need to learn to communicate effectively with their childcare’s teachers. Regardless of the subject matter, parents need to take an active role in the communication process, make sure everything is clear, stay up-to-date with daily events and actively seek a relationship… Read More »

Non-Formal Education in the Philippines

Non-formal Education is one of the means to spread literacy and employable skills to the people and it covers a much larger audience than the formal system. The NFE in Philippines is designed to assist the out-of-school youth and adults who have been deprived of formal education. There may be varying reasons for this.It may… Read More »

3 PhoneGap Build Plans: Guide For A PhoneGap App Development Company

By roping in web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, PhoneGap or Cordova Apache (recently renamed) has ushered in an era of cross-platform app development. This is a great achievement and was applauded globally. PhoneGap is the recipient of People’s Choice Award 2009. However, there was one major challenge for every PhoneGap app development company… Read More »

The History of Print Media

Currently, in the times of digital media and Information technology, the importance of print media is same as years before. May be it is the convenience of reading something anytime you want that makes the hardcopies remain more popular. Even in our offices where most of the business and information exchange are carried out through… Read More »