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Storied Stones – Prehistoric Rock Art of Montana

I am fascinated by pictographs and petroglyphs. Are they 10,000 year old graffiti or a sacred magical symbolic code, a treasure map, a historian's guide book in storied stone? In 1806, while on their historic journey across Montana, the Lewis and Clark Expedition encountered several signs of the first inhabitants of this great land. Pictographs… Read More »

Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes – Tips For Getting The Lowest Rate

Finding auto insurance quotes online is easy, but finding the cheapest auto insurance rates can be more of a challenge. To get the lowest quotes, follow these tips to help you find ways to trim possibly hundreds off your auto insurance quotes. 1. Give them details – If you don’t provide information about your zip… Read More »

Importance of the K-12 Education System

K-12 education is an innovative education system. This area of ​​education has a dominance over the conventional educational systems as it puts more weight on thinking and reaching own self-explanatory conclusions. The way of teaching here is completely different and phenomenal. Teachers generally follow the tactic of asking students to work on a lot of… Read More »

Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is one popular emotions-related subject, and not only in the world of business. The EI approach to living life supports folks to identify their emotions as they happen, and manage their emotions in their interactions with others. EI is one approach to social coping. What I experience personally and professionally with folks… Read More »