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How to Engage Adult Learners – Six Steps to Adult Learning Success

The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tse, provides a brief but eloquent prescription for adult learning: Tell me, I may listen. Teach me, I may remember. Involve me, I will do it. If we want adults to feel involved so that learning will occur, there are six training design steps that will achieve the necessary level of… Read More »

History of the Mobylette

It was way back in 1949 when its manufacturer, Motobecane, introduced the first mobylette into the market. Motobecane, which name was derived from two colloquial words, namely, “moto” and “becane”, was a company based in France. The company’s primary business was the production of motorcycles, bicycles, and mopeds. The name of the company was in… Read More »

Authentic Assessment in the Classroom

Day 28 – Your last new learning day! The last new topic of the 30-day process is authentic assessment and rubrics. Authentic assessment is basically any type of assessment that is not paper-and-pencil type of testing. It can include projects, portfolios, or running records. I first really used authentic assessment when I student taught in… Read More »

A Personal Trainer’s Certification – Understanding the Alphabet Soup After the Trainer’s Name

Virtually every Personal Trainer will have a series of letters after their name indicating some, if not all, of the fitness certifications they hold. Often it will be CPT, meaning Certified Personal Trainer. The organization that bestows the title is more important than the letters CPT. This article will give you an idea what to… Read More »

Qualifications Necessary to Become an Expert Witness

In various legal settings, from courts to arbitrations and mediations, any person who has relevant "knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education" may qualify to testify as an expert. You can find that quotation in Rule 702 of the Federal rules of Evidence. However, a productive expert witness has to know more than just his or… Read More »