A Columnist's Salary and His Job Description

By | February 1, 2017

Columnists, as a matter of fact, have quite a significant role in today's modern world. Their job basically includes writing as well as editing columns in popular magazines and newspapers, or other media like web. The salary of a columnist is actually competitive because of the consistent demand and scope for them. Before I head over to describing the salary, I'd like to share the job description of a columnist, just so no reader has any misconception about the job of a columnist.

Job Description of a Columnist

The responsibility of a newspaper or magazine columnist is simply to provide factual, latest and interesting details to their readers. In short, that is all! There is a particular way or formula in which the columns are supposed to be written, so that it becomes less difficult for the readers to be able to completely understand what the writer is wishing to convey.

Columnists can decide to write on any topics like business, politics, sports, religion, etc., depending on their knowledge, interests, passions and experience. A columnist needs to try expressing his thoughts, opinions, and ideas in a very impartial way.

Columnists can get a lot of fame, attention and glory among the people if he continues doing good work for a long period of time. Also, he needs to be sure that he is not hurting anyone's sentiments or prestige, through the content he writes. This becomes a difficult issue for some beginner columnists who are a little too open when it comes to writing. I'm not saying one should not be open – one should, but at the same time, they must remember to be open-minded and be able to look at situations from the perspective of other people, and should remember not to hurt any person or any number of persons' emotions in any way.

Most columnists start a career in writing after getting a degree in fields like Mass Communication, Journalism or any similar field. There really are not any specific qualifications – it's flexible. One condition that always needs to be fulfilled is the ability to write well. That is all that matters, in a nutshell.

Wages of a Columnist

The salaries of columnists greatly depends on the years of experience they have, the degrees or diplomas they hold, the command they have over the language they write in, their writing skills, location of job and the kind of employer they are working for. The truth is, in the beginning, columnists generally have a little low salary – Not much compared to other jobs like Engineering, and such. However, the good thing is: the salaries very well rise as the columnist gains experience and credibility. Salaries in big metropolitan cities are generally much higher compared to smaller ones. In fact, some big-named newspapers and magazines pay huge bucks to their columnists! Columnists usually earn a median salary of about $ 35,000 per year. Also, columnists involved in writing articles for popular newspapers make over $ 40,000 annually. But remember, it largely depends on factors like level of expertise. In the start, salaries may be low, but they're sure to rise high as time passes. The curve does not go down, only up, and up!

I hope this article has been of use to writing enthusiasts who are interested in writing for print media, and wish to establish a career in non-fiction writing. Honestly? If you like to write, go for it. This is the best job you'll find! Do not be worried about your skill. You may think you're not good enough right now, but as you gain experience, you are sure to improve your skills by a great extent. It's all about practice.

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