Can My Ex Love Me Again? 3 Things You Should Consider If You Wish Your Ex Would Love You Again!

By | November 1, 2015

Your ex has told you that they do not love you anymore, or they have told you that they are over you (or want to get over you). In essence, your ex has made the message clear that they really just want to move on. But the problem is that you can not move on, and you wonder if your ex can love you again!

Here's what you should consider if you want your ex to love you again:

Love Is A Feeling, And Feelings Are Created – You can not feel extremely excited all the time, just like you can not always feel enraged. Our feelings do not always last, thus only way we can continuously sustain a feeling is by consciously making an effort, and by doing things to help encourage a certain feeling.

Thus, if you want your ex to love you again, you have to re-create it by doing the things which make your ex FEEL admiration toward you. This will take more effort than it did when you first started courting, because there are issues in between that you will have to resolve, but it's not impossible,

Remove The Emotional Baggage – Since love is a feeling, it can be discouraged if other feelings take over and become more consistent than love.

Thus; it is possible for a person to still love you, but to hate you at the same time, because your actions make that person feel hurt and upset more than your actions make them feel loved.

What you should do then, is REMOVE all of the feelings which are blocking your ex's feeling of true love for you. These feelings could be disappointment, anger, betrayal, mistrust, sadness, depression etc ….

All of these negative emotions stem from the problems you had when you were together. Apologizing and working on yourself is the best way to start removing those feelings.

Feelings Do Not Go Away – This may sound contradictory, but you can only control how often a person feels something, but you can not completely remove the feeling.

A prime example of this is to consider when we are just babies, and we do not even know how to feel. Our parents teach us how to react and help us learn what feelings are. Thus we go through life figuring out and experiencing feelings, BUT once we experience that feeling, it never goes away.

For instance, when you cry as a baby and learn that crying for something could be associated with being sad, for the rest of your life you are AWARE of the fact that you can feel sad, and sometimes DO feel sad. THUS, the feeling never goes away, it's just the amount of times you feel it that change, depending on your experiences in life.

What this means, in regard to your ex, is that he / she can never get rid of the feeling of love they had toward you. They can only attempt to suppress it with other feelings, but it will always still be there. This means that you can encourage it to come back out and can re-kindle it as long as you take the right steps.

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