Clairvoyance – Is There Such a Thing As Clairvoyance?

By | April 12, 2017

For most people the word “Clairvoyance”, known as the “sixth sense”, conjures up all sorts of associations from psychics with their crystal ball giving readings at fairgrounds, to such abilities coming from the devil.

According to Charles Webster Leadbetter, in his book “Clairvoyance”, the word is defined as being the power to see what is hidden from ordinary physical sight and literally means nothing more than “clear-seeing”. It is a word that has been misused over the centuries.

Robert T. Carroll of The Skeptic’s Dictionary, quotes that “clairvoyance is an alleged psychic ability to see things beyond the range of the power of natural vision. Clairvoyance is often associated with precognition (psychically knowing something will happen) or retro-cognition (psychically “seeing” something that has already happened.

There is no way to distinguish telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retro-cognition, perceiving the akashic record, or having perceptions directly implanted in our minds by God, from perceiving the hidden record of all perceptions in the eleventh dimension that is vibrating in the intersection between the tenth and twelfth dimensions. I could go on, but it would be too annoying.

Anyone can throw out strings of words or sentences or draw pictures that other people can find meaningful and apparently clairvoyant. This fact, however, is irrelevant to establishing that clairvoyance is real”.

I wonder how Robert Carroll would logically explain the information I received for a client coming for a reading that I had never ever met before?

About a year ago, as I sat with the ladys’ full name to see what she needed help with, I began to see images. The first thing I saw was a gas cylinder and mask and then I saw a lady put the mask to her mouth and begin opening the valve to the cylinder. I also heard “carbon monoxide” and heard her say that she had wasted her life. Basically, she was committing suicide.

This was highly specific information that I would class as clairvoyant or according to Mr. Carroll “retro-cognition”. How Mr. Carroll can sit there and say that anybody can string words or sentences together that people find meaningful, is beyond me.

When the lady came for her reading I asked her whether she had been feeling depressed. She said no. I then related the information I had received and she put her hand to her mouth, shocked.

She then proceeded to tell me that her sister-in-law had indeed committed suicide in her car a year ago!

It turned out that the reason I received this information was that her sister-in-law had come to warn her not to make the same mistakes she had. Her reading was all about self-esteem and making wise choices in her life.

Clairvoyance is alive and kicking and just because we cannot prove something scientifically does not mean it does not exist.

Source by Maria Parkinson

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