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By | April 11, 2017

When you hunt for example cover letters, do not forget a letter of recommendation. It helps when there is a third party to boost your claim for a job. There are many example cover letters around. If you know someone willing to write a personal letter of recommendation, ask if they can compose it on their own or if they'll need a reference.

Example cover letters such as the one below should help your recommender get started.

Letter of Recommendation from a Priest

To whom it may concern,

Regarding Ellen Scott's interest in a teaching post in your school, I am writing you to personally recommend her for this job. As parish priest of the town of Castle Rock and Miss Scott's confessor for the past 15 years, I can readily attest to her good moral character, zeal for work and sincerity in helping others.

I have known Ellen since she was a child. She is from a prominent Catholic family in our town, and since I can remember has followed her parents' example in aiding the less fortunate. Her first teaching experience was as a volunteer for our Sunday school meetings. I saw for myself the love and dedication she showed for her work and her young students.

The 2001 earthquake was catastrophic for our area. Despite the tragic loss of her own sister in the event, Ellen rose to the occasion and offered all possible financial and material aid to our community. The local elementary school was badly damaged. Together with other church volunteers, Ellen arranged for temporary classroom facilities in her family's estate.

I have long cherished Ellen not only as a church volunteer and sister in the faith, but also as a good friend. She is a kind, cheerful individual who never tires of helping her fellow beings regardless of their own religious persuasion, intellectual sophistication or social or cultural background.

I highly recommend Ellen Scott for this job.


Fr. Nelson Douglas
St. Michael's Parish

Source by Mark W. Mattey

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