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By | April 28, 2017

Kumon Franchises

Fifty years ago, a math teacher from Japan named Toru Kumon developed an inventive teaching approach (which was later named after him) while tutoring his second-grade son on the subject of arithmetic. Since Kumon was a teacher, he knew the importance of having a solid foundation in the basics of mathematics before one could move on to advanced mathematical concepts and equations. This discovery and experiment led to the foundation of the Kumon franchise operation, which is a globally recognized network of teaching centers. The network also upholds the development of reading skills.

Kumon franchises grew after 50 years, and they have expanded in the US for the past 25 years. Recent statistics show that Kumon has the 16th spot when it comes to financial strength and 21st in system size compared to other top franchises. Today, the outside tutoring service continues to be a thriving commodity, since more and more parents want to give their kids the advantage of learning new skills as well as honing the ones they already know. Read on below to learn more about Kumon franchises for sale.

Kumon Franchise Review

The number of Kumon franchises in the country reached 1,383, plus 400 locations in Canada, and 24,800 in other countries. The Kumon franchise model continues to grow in its homeland so the majority of its franchises are still located in Japan. The parent company only runs 20 major locations around the world; hence, its franchising concept is very healthy and alive in the corporate level. Kumon implements a well-organized process that is surprisingly easy for clients to follow and for franchisees to execute. When a student is unable to report to the Kumon Learning Center he is enrolled at, parents are expected to supervise their child’s learning process. Parents are highly encouraged to the take time to check their children’s assignments, and make sure that they follow their regular study schedule. Parents also need to understand what their kids are learning and regularly discuss the progress of their children with the Kumon instructors.

In this system, Kumon instructors are more like coaches instead of conventional school teachers. Kumon’s overall learning strategy is based on encouragement and rewards. In this type of business, not only does a Kumon franchisee enjoy the kind of work that benefits the community at large, one also gets to share a warm relationship with the parent company; something that’s rarely found in the franchising industry.

Additional Kumon Franchise Information and Costs

Prospective Kumon franchise owners can save a lot of money on employee salary because a typical Kumon location only requires two to three personnel. You must have a net worth of at least $150,000, and $50,000 of which should be in cash. The Kumon franchise cost is $1,000. The Kumon costs are among the lowest fees to enter any type of franchise opportunity. You also need a pocket investment that ranges from $30,000 to $130,000. As for the royalty fee, Kumon franchisees pay the parent company based on the number of students and the courses they are taking. The standard royalty fee starts around $35 per student and per subject, every month.

The Kumon franchise has a purchase term of two years, and an additional $1,000 franchise fee, due every two years upon renewal. Kumon does not offer in-house financing assistance, but their training programs are comprehensive and extensive. Trainings apply to both Kumon franchisees and their instructors. Among the requirements of owning a Kumon franchise for sale are the following: superb business sense, solid marketing skills, and good reading and math comprehension ability. Successful Kumon franchisees are required to attend the company’s free conferences, meetings, and gatherings that are held all throughout the year.

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