How Do You Create the Best Donkey Costume for Halloween?

By | March 10, 2016

A Shrek donkey costume does not have to be hard or even very expensive to create. Truly, a donkey costume is simply the most uncomplicated animal costume to create for Halloween using only the supplies commonly found in and around your residence.

To begin, find a grey sweat suit in a size right for the individual that will wear the dress-up costume- this is the base. Several times, a child's fancy dress will employ a turtleneck tank top below a grey jacket or sweater, specially for instances where the weather is on the wintry side. White colored, black, or grey socks and dark shoes should be worn to get the look of a donkey's hooves. For the tail, work with a small amount of dark yarn knotted together at the very top or cut a piece of dark felt into a tail shape and pin it to the butt section of the wearer's sweatpants.

Sometimes, either gloves or footwear are placed over the dress-up outfit wearer's hands to simulate front hooves. Once again, use dark ones for the most practical effect, though many people decide to use grey or bright white to match the sweat suit being used for the base. If white colored or gray mittens or socks are the sole ones available, the tips can always be painted or colored black, much as the interior of the ears may have been painted pink.

Grey face paints may be employed, or the face can be left natural, depending on how much like a donkey the wearer of the dress-up outfit selects to look. For the ears, makers of a donkey fancy dress on the cheap, regularly use socks. If the person to be wearing the costume has long hair, very lifelike donkey ears can be simulated by pulling the hair up into 2 ponytails and inserting one sock over each ahead of securing them with rubber bands.

Another tip would be to take markers or paints and color one side of each sock grey and the other pink to show the outside and inside each one of the donkey's ears. If the eventual wearer of the donkey suit has smaller hair, attach the ears with pins or hook and loop tape to a straightforward headband, ski band, or ball cap in the person's size so he or she can wear them properly.

If the person who will ultimately wear the donkey Halloween costume is to be one in a bunch of donkeys, this technique of producing the fancy dress can insure that the group all looks alike. It will also save the maker and wearer of the outfit money since all the elements can be discovered around an average home or cheaply in greenback and cut selling price stores. This simpleness, since it also saves the outfit maker's time, makes the donkey a popular animal to suit up for parties and festivals of all types.

Should doing this seem to be plenty of effort, then for a handful of dollars you can get some good professionally designed donkey costumes. There are various versions designed for adults and kids at several price points. And that means you are able to obtain the ideal donkey costume whatever your finances.

The Shrek Donkey Outfit for Children

Shrek's upsetting sidekick has not been forgotten. There's a full-size zip up style jump suit donkey outfit available that even has donkey style covers for your feet. A full donkey latex mask is also a part of the costume but can be bought as a fresh item. They are in sizes to fit most and are available from many Halloween costume stores and are sure to be a top hit this Halloween.

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