How to Handle Negative Feelings When Wronged by Someone Else

By | September 9, 2015

How does a Christian really handle negative feelings and emotions when
they start to set in as a result of being wronged by others – especially
if the wrong has been vicious and nasty?

The Bible tells us that God is asking all of His people to live on a
higher level than the nonbeliever. The Bible tells us to forgive those
who trespass against us, to turn the other cheek when warranted, to love
our enemies and to do good to those who deliberately hurt us. God is so
insistent on us being able to forgive those who hurt us – that He tells
us that He will not even hear our prayers if we are holding any
unforgiveness towards others who have wronged us

However, we all know, through real life experiences, that this is easier
said than done. How do you really handle negative feelings such as
anger, bitterness, the desire to seek revenge and sometimes outright
hate toward someone else who has viciously wronged you?

How do you handle and get a grip on these types of negative feelings when:

  • Some drunk driver has just killed your spouse, son or daughter.
  • Someone has raped or sexually abused you.
  • Someone has abducted and killed your son or daughter such as some of the cases that we are seeing in the news.
  • Your husband has been physically and / or verbally abusing you for years.
  • You have just found out that your spouse has been cheating on you.

All of the above scenarios are torpedo shots that can knock most us to
the ground. However, how we handle these adversities and how we bounce
back from them will determine the quality of what time we still have
left here on this earth.

If you do not get a grip on these negative emotions when they start to
try and settle on the inside of you as a result of taking one of these
kind of vicious hits – then those negative feelings and emotions will
start to eat you up alive on the inside – much the same way that cancer
can ravage and tear apart a human body.

Some Christians will start to even lose their faith in God. They get mad
at God – wondering why God would allow something this bad to come their

If you would like some good insight from God's perspective on exactly
how a Christian can handle this kind of vicious shot and keep on living
this life the way that God wants you to live it – go to the link below
in the resource box ..

This article will give you a good "one-two punch" answer from God's
perspective and all of the appropriate Scripture verses to back up this
keen insight. The Bible says that the truth will set you free – but you
have to know what that truth is and be willing to work with that truth
before it can really set you free. The Bible says that we are
transformed by the renewing of our minds. For many Christians, their
minds are bound up with "wrong thinking " – and they are thus being
held down from being able to live this life to their fullest potential
in God.

Source by Mike Bradley

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