Importance of Resignation Letters

By | May 17, 2017

Resignation is the process in which you inform your employer about your job change. It is not appreciated in the business world if you leave a job without any information to your employer. It brings a very bad image of you. So it is extremely important that you write a quality resignation letter before leaving a job. Basically writing a resignation letter has two purposes:

First is that you should inform the employer about your decision. There are some formalities associated with this process and the employer has to take care of all these matters. If you will inform your organization about leaving job then they will prepare all the necessary documents with your service record and experience letter.

Second is that you must give the employer a few days notice period according to your company policy so that your employer may arrange for your replacement. The notice period could be of one month, two months or even a few days as per your company regulations.

So now it should be clear that writing a resignation letter is very much important. Now here are some tips about how to write a good letter for resignation.

  1. It should be of minimum length, it means you should be very much concise in your writing.
  2. You should be straight forward in your writing, it is very formal letter and you should not go into details.
  3. Clearly state the reason for your resignation.
  4. Don’t forget to mention the notice period you are providing to the employer.
  5. Its not essential but highly appreciated if you thank the employer for the good time you spent on his organization.
  6. If necessary, tell time and date for your meeting.
  7. A Letter of resignation should be provided on goody quality paper with your actual signatures on it.

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