Letter of Recommendation Template – The 3 Step Process

By | April 4, 2017

The obvious advantage to using a letter of recommendation template is that it can help you save time in writing your own, whether it’s ultimately for you or someone else.  Either way there are basic elements to adhere to;

1) briefly tell who you are in the first paragraph and then describe whom you are recommending and what you’re recommending them for.

2) give some details about the qualities of the person you’re writing about in the second paragraph; so it’s important to be familiar with their personal and professional life

3) and finally, sum things up in the third paragraph that includes a clear, definitive recommendation.

Below is letter of recommendation letter template for an administrative assistant position who was laid off due to a down turn in the economy.  She’s applying for a position as an administrative assistant with another company with a strong endorsement from a former employer.

Recipient’s Name
Recipients Title
City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr. Williams;

My name is Jane James and I am an Assistant Operations Manager at XYZ Company.  I am writing to you today, on behalf of Rita Ricks.  Rita worked for XYZ as an administrative assistant for five years.  I was her direct supervisor for three of those years and witnessed and observed everything that I am about to say about her.

Rita is a very organized person and was able to multitask with the best of them.  In her position she was required to, among other things, answer all incoming calls to the Manager and Assistant Manager offices; manage our very different calendars, which was a major accomplishment; receive and process orders for delivery and invoice buyers for products ordered and delivered. In short she was kind of a utility person, who did many things to ensure our productivity and success.

Unfortunately, due to the recent downturn in the company we were forced to reorganize and had to eliminate six positions.  Based on seniority, or lack thereof, Rita’s position was one of them.  But for that she would still be with us.  Given this it is an honor to be able to recommend Rita for a similar position with your company.  If given an opportunity I think you will find her to be as valuable an employee to your organization as she was to hours.

Finally, thank you for your consideration of hiring Rita and please feel free to call me at 333-333-3333 if you have any questions about her this letter of recommendation.

Your Name

In closing, please feel free to use this letter of recommendation template to generate your own.  When followed, the outline can help you shave hours off of what can otherwise be the slow, difficult task of writing recommendation letters.

Source by Lanard Perry

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