Meaning of Ink Color and Preference for Writing With Pencils in Handwriting Analysis

By | February 7, 2017

Have you ever wondered if the choice of pen color, or for that matter, font color had any meaning? Everything in handwriting analysis has meaning so, yes, color of ink is rich with meanings.

Handwriting is highly symbolic. In handwriting analysis we interpret the symbols that letters are.

Color and its associations are archetypal. The meanings associated with it hold true for all cultures. So, the choice of ink color, as well as choice of writing instrument, holds meaning. These simply preferences can give insight into our brain dominance pattern, also!

The choice of color used by an individual is a major subconscious statement. Why are light and dark blue and black the most commonly used colors by writers? Some feel that these colors are the color of the evening sky and that they stimulate, or are expressive of, one’s intellect. Blue is the most natural color to be used. If other colors are used, there is meaning.

Following are some meanings of various ink colors.


  • Desire for excitement and danger
  • May exhibit strange behavior, open to experience
  • Passionate, frustrated and desires release
  • Impatience, may be demanding in the sexually erotic area
  • May try to draw attention to self by shocking others
  • Sometimes used by teachers who wish to stimulate imagination


  • Greatest association is that of power
  • Serious, demanding, possible paranoid trends
  • Touchy, desire for security
  • Depressed, somber, coldness, anger
  • Withdrawal, shyness, rebellion
  • Possessive, may desire to dominate others through fear
  • May possess engineering or constructive abilities

Light Blue

  • Greatest association is that of spiritual awareness
  • Future awareness, sincerity, loyalty
  • Left brain intuition, cooperation
  • Imagination, enthusiasm

Dark Blue

  • Greatest association is intellectuality, likes more concrete results
  • Materialism is more accentuated here than in light blue
  • Inspired activity, dynamism, imagination


Some people enjoy the sharpness of a pencil, which facilitates concentration, and precision, which satisfies the need for efficacy and discrimination. Greater personal expression in stroke thickness is possible with a lead tip and greater control over the writing instrument is a feature. It is a dark grey color showing the individuals cold indifference to emotional requirements. He is overly objective and prefers not to get too involved, emotionally.

  • Caution, difficulty with spontaneous or easy emotional release
  • Self-protective
  • Businesslike
  • Desire for greater control, need for resistance
  • Fear of permanence, might like to rework things
  • Constructivenes

In learning to interpret the symbols contained within our graphic gestures, we are able to unlock the inner workings of one’s mind.

Source by Lisa Schuetz

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