Port Sippers – Where Do They Come From?

By | May 30, 2016

Where do these unique glasses come from?

Port sippers were first used in Europe during the 17th century. They are known as "Schnapps Pfeiffe" and were made from a ceramic material. The unique design allows the spirits to be sucked from the bottom of the glass at all times, ensuring that oxygen does not come into contact with most of the liquid. This effectively reduces the oxidation of the liquid, delivering it in the way that the maker intended and increasing the enjoyment. It's a great experience to taste the liquid the way the maker intended it to.

Today, port sippers are crafted from glass. They are usually hand-blown using a quality reasonably thin glass. These small glasses are a certain talking point at any function – young or old. Held in the palm of the hand the spirit is slightly warmed and delivered to the correct place on the tongue for perfect enjoyment. The experts suggest that many fortified wines, including port should be consumed at 18C.

Make your next cool evening night, a night to remember by learning a new way of enjoying one of the many pleasures of life. Make sure that you acquire a fine fortified wine or port, so that you can enjoy the true taste or blend your own in a port barrel.

When sharing a port with others, it is always great when some food is also provided as an accompaniment with port for example:

o White Chocolate with a white port

o Milk Chocolate with a tawny port

o Dark Chocolate with a vintage port

o Cheddar Cheeses with any port

Experiment with a wide variety of combinations and send an email if you find some food pairing that is really special, so that it can be passed on. The correct email address can be found on the website listed below.

There are many different manufacturers of these special items, and it is important to ensure that they the glass is clear so that the color of the liquid can be seen. If purchasing online, make sure that the port sippers are protected well when transported. The packaging can be used to store the port sippers between uses, if there is not sufficient shelf storage available.

Port sippers make an excellent gift for both men and women who enjoy the experience of sipping fortified wines, such as port. The port sippers are usually supplied in packs of two or four.

Enjoy port in moderation.

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