The History of Overalls

By | April 29, 2017

The first mention of the garment that we know today as overalls was in 1776 – they were defined as trousers that were worn outside normal trousers to protect them – but these were not the bib overalls that we are familiar with today. These early overalls were also worn by many of the world's militaries, including the American militia that was organized to fight in the American Revolution.

The one piece overalls that we know today were not introduced until 1891 when they became popular in the industrial workplace. These overalls were worn over a worker's everyday pants and shirt for protection. In the summer months workers would often wear the overalls in place of their pants to keep cool.

When overalls were introduced in the industrial community they began popping up on a plethora of work sites, including: railroads, construction sites, farms, and factories. At their inception overalls were typically worn by men, but this changed after women joined the industrial work force in the early 1900s.

Many factories implemented that workers wear coveralls, a form of overall worn to cover the entire body, to protect not only their clothing, but also for their safety. Coveralls and overalls protected employees from dust and other external, potentially harmful elements. Not only did the overalls act as protection, but with their numerous pockets they were also incredibly convenient and useful for workers.

As the decades passed overalls were still used in the workplace, but they also became fashionable. They were considered more comfortable than the classic jeans by many and gave outfits an interesting look. From the fashion of wearing overalls was birthed a new style called shortalls, which are exactly what they sound like, the legs of the garment are shorts instead of pants. Wearing overalls as a fashion statement has died out since the mid 1990s, but they are still found industrially.

All Overalls are On a garment That have truly stood the test of time, making it thru war, industrial revolutions, and fashion trends, they 're hwy wearers have served well. While we may not see overalls on sale at a trendy shop any time soon they are still worn regularly by construction workers, farmers and other industrial workers. Brands that still produce high quality overalls today include: Carharrt, Dickies and Big Smith. While these brands may not have made the original overalls they have certainly refined them to be some of the most durable and comfortable industrial work wear items available today.

Source by Taylor Parsons

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