The Qualities of a Good Childminder – What You Need the Most!

By | January 10, 2017

Many people wonder if childminding is for them. Sure, loving children and looking out for their best interests is mandatory, but this is not the only thing you need. If you are interested in childminding, the following list will discuss some of the qualities you will need if you are interested in not only in becoming a childminder, but also how to be a good one!

Patience- the most important quality

It goes without saying that having patience when caring for children is crucial, not only as a childminder but also as a parent. However, knowing when and when not to be patient is also very important. Children will always test the patience of even the most saintly person. They will do so normally to get your attention. If they think what they are doing is not bothering you, they will normally go on to worse behaviour in order to get your attention and generally pushing the boundaries. Do not be fooled into thinking they will give up and do something constructive instead. Some children will push the boundaries all day, and your patience will be tested to its limits. Multiply this be three or four children and you can have a very stressful day!

Therefore, you need to decide how many children you can effectively deal with in order for your patience not to be stretched too far. Although the more children you look after the greater your profit, but is your stress level worth it? You could probably be doing yourself more harm than good by taking on more children than you are capable. Learn to relax and know when to get angry and when to let something go.

In addition to having patience with children, it is also important to have patience with their parents. You will most likely disagree with the way some parents raise their children and their styles, so you will need to show some patience and understanding.

Resilience and Stamina

If you are a registered childminder, you will normally be expected to be available every day. If you are running a childminding business from home, you will not likely be able to take days off if you are ill, as you do not have time to be sick. If you are sick, your bank balance will suffer, and the sad part is that you probably contracted the sickness from a child you are looking after! Some parents will be sympathetic, but you need to understand that your sickness will be an inconvenience for them as well.

Being organised

Being able to plan ahead and be organised is an area where many childminders fall down. Normally, when someone decides to open up their home to become childminders, they underestimate the amount of planning and organization that is required. Having effective organisational skills are crucial for being a childminder. If you think there's nothing wrong with deciding what to serve for lunch five minutes before noon, then you will need to improve on this greatly. This is a time-consuming occupation, so proper organisation is crucial in order to have thing run smoothly

Paperwork – There's No Escape!

If you are going to run a proper childminding service, then you can expect paperwork. Some of the more common areas of daily paperwork will be: having an attendance record of when children arrive and depart each day, a journal about the sleeping and eating patterns of each child, a journal of all the activities you provide each day, curriculum plans and medical journals which details which medicines you give and reasons. Do you need this paperwork? If you want to avoid any litigation if something goes wrong, then you want all of it!

Being flexible

For some parents, leaving their child at a home childminding is a better alternative to a childcare centre that is only open at certain hours, especially if they are shift workers. You will need to have some sort of flexibility in your working hours as well. However, this does not mean that you are available 24 hours a day. Set your work hours and stick to them!

Being Assertive

This quality is important as well. When dealing with children and their parents, you will need to be assertive but not aggressive. It is important to know the difference. There are heaps of training courses available to enhance this skill and they are highly recommended.

Being a Good Listener

This is also an important skill and you need to have this. This is more for listening to the parents and what they require for their children.

These are just some of the qualities you should try to develop. There are other qualities, such as having the drive and commitment, tolerance, and being able to cope with the demands of working from home. You can Develop the if these qualities, you are On well on your way to Becoming a Childminder great !

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