The Top 7 Different Types of Men Who Attract and Date Beautiful Women

By | April 27, 2017

Classifications of Men and Their Skills With Women.

Though It goes without saying that there’s a wide spectrum in between all of these and no one (except for omega males) perfectly fits into a particular category.

However, I think if you test these ideas out and keep them in mind, you’ll find them to be rather accurate and useful. Try These and see what you find.

That said, let’s get on with it…

The Player.

This is a guy who has figured out a few tricks that help him attract and sleep with women. However, he sees women as objects, tools for his own masturbation, not as real people with actual feelings.

The up side is that players can be very social and charming and even fun to be around, so they are difficult to detect.

He may have been a nice guy in the past but has been burned so much that he went way over to the opposite extreme and stopped caring.

He now devotes his social time to using women for sex and bragging about it crassly.

Players may have a solid emotional presence but they lack the ability for long term commitment (i.e. consistent sex).

Players are secretly afraid of death, though the topic is rarely even brought up by them because they’re busy thinking about who they will manipulate next.

Players typically do not aim to improve themselves beyond figuring out tricks to sleep with women through their own trial and error.

Players don’t want relationships but this is often because they lack the integrity to be able to.

The Pimp.

Skilled at surrounding himself with women and dominating them, but completely lacks the ethics to make his efforts last or to have women permanently respect him. Ultimately his conquests come to an end due to the women finally mustering up the courage to leave together, and he’s back to searching the streets for more prey. Committment or even decent friendships are difficult if not impossible for such a person (with the exception, perhaps, of a few legendary pimps such as those seen in the famous documentary… however, none of that is useful to you who is reading this because you’ll never become that. It’s just not you and getting caught and going to jail probably sucks…..)

The Pick Up Artist (Or “PUA” or “Seduction Artist”)

This one is tricky because there are decent guys in the seduction community who are innocently just trying to improve their dating lives and themselves in general.

However, the pua community is essentially the McDonald’s of self-improvement. It’s cheap, it’s quick, it gets the job done, but its unsustainable both as a lifestyle and a skillset. (liability replacement: it’s not for everyone).

Men… never forget that it is still YOU who drives your own success. Educational materials, coaches, and experience guides are just tools in your toolbelt. It’s still up to you to choose the most effective one for the job, and you damn well better have a keen eye if you are to crank up your own success up to its maximum potential heights.

Still, by and large, a pick up artist is kind of like a player but arguably worse because he ACTIVELY tries to seduce women and relentlessly tests ways of figuring out how to get around a woman’s boundaries so that she’ll sleep with him. He then makes a mental note of his conquest and spreads his findings across the internet onto various seduction forums, unbeknownst to his women.

The tricks he learns are not by accident. They are by pathologically obsessive practice with the ONLY goal being to sleep with women and nothing else.

In fact, unlike the player (who has some charm due to trial and error), much of the attractive and charming qualities of a pickup artist are all an intricately constructed sham, a persona.

Pickup artists due aim to improve themselves but some of them are misguided in the resources they utilize to do so. At best these are men who are genuinely decent and simply wear the “PUA” banner. At worst, they take on a cult-like religious obsession with pick up material and refuse to listen to any other form of dating advice from anyone outside of the particular seduction coach they worship.

Just remember, guys, “good” is often the worst enemy of “great”…..

Some pick up artists are ethical, some are not. Some are complete sleazeballs with a carefully crafted persona designed to fool those around them.

The main facillitator of this semi-effective (but heavily flawed) cultural trend is a very tall stage magician (literally) who runs around in funny hats trying to train his students to be just like him (rather than being themselves). His skills are largely due to his personality type more so thaun what he teaches.

Completely lacks any reliable understanding of human psychology beyond a very skewed model of human attraction.

If you are a woman and find yourself saying “no” to a pick up artist when things are getting intimate, prepare to be in for further manipulation tactics such as a “freeze out” where he walks off and ignores you until you come back, or his next slew of lines designed to get around your defenses and not respecting your wishes.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work. Many guys in this niche of dating advice do claim much progress in the ways of seduction. However, if the advice taught comes at the cost of honesty or ethics, then the effects are short lived or there is (at best) a ceiling to how well they work. Ask anyone who has moved onto a happy, steady monogamous relationship. They usually drop much of what they learned because it wasn’t necessary.

Some pickup artists are just wussy guys with tricks up their sleeve, and feel a sense of entitlement toward women.

Others are alpha males who have become even less scrupulous due to learning new gimmicks.

Sexually Amazing, Intelligent, Mature Women who make for awesome girlfriends rarely fall for pua tricks, and if they do, they figure out they’ve been scammed and never call the pua back.

The Wussy (Also known as a narcissist, or a boy in a man’s body, or the “whimpster”).

Similar to a beta male, however the wussy is even worse because he engages in manipulative behaviors that seem nice and innocent on the surface. Worse still, he may not even be aware of his own wrongdoing in his quest to win your affection.

The wussy will try to buy attraction through extraordinary acts of generosity, unusually high kindness, extravagant gives and endless attention.

This is the guy who left roses at the locker of his high school crush even though he never had the balls to eve say “hi” to her first.

Sometimes they may be sweet and charming in the beginning, but may hide secret feelings of resentment, hurt, anger, or anxiety around women.

In the worst of cases, wussy can turn into stalkers, so watch out.

Popular examples:

Lloyd Dobbler From The Famous John Cusack Film (Say Anything)

Grey’s Anatomy (Anything AFTER Season 1)

Conor Oberst (Lead singer of “Bright Eyes”)

James Blunt

Michael Flatley


The Alpha Male (Also known as “The Bad Boy”)

This is your jock. Your mountain climber. Your lumberjack. Your Fighter. Your Cage Fighter. Your Biker. Your Rock Star. Your European Adulterer. The Club Thumper.

He comes in many external forms, but deep down his core traits are the same:

He is irresistibly manly and extremely sexually attractive. He plays by his own rules and doesn’t care. He’s on his own path. He’s tough on the inside and out. Great at fighting (or at least starting fights), and great at sex.

His flirting and sexual attraction skills are fantastic, and he feels very powerful, dominant, dangerous-yet-safe, and enticing to be around.

However, his volatile nature also means he could be an abusive jerk (sometimes this is true, sometimes not, so be aware).

Often times lacks ethics, which means he’ll do ANYTHING (even hurt people without caring) in order to get women. Lies are his modus operandi, and anything is fair game no matter whose hearts get broken.

Because of this his efforts at conquest never lead to a relationship (unless the girl in question has low self esteem), and fights with his woman (or women) ensue…. if he even sticks around at all.

An alpha male has zero potential for a long term relationship, or even a friendship. After he has sex with the woman he sets his eyes on, he’s gone, never to return.

Many alpha males never aim to improve themselves and they don’t care to. Other potentially harmful behaviors may develop, including drug use, drinking, cheating, and jail time.

Popular Examples (Just to name a few):

King Kong

Unfaithful Film Character (Olivier Martinez)

Any action film villain

The Beta Male (Also known as the “Nice Guy”).

Consistently the victim of the dreaded “let’s just be friends” speech, the beta male is usually a decent person. He’s friendly, nice, trustworthy, and would never harm a woman regardless. Because of these positive qualities he likely makes friends with women and people in general fairly easily.

He also may have a steady career with a decent income, but he lacks a sense of a deeper mission or purpose for his life which makes him less attractive…. as if “something is missing”.

Sexually he may have a few kinks but overall he’s fairly boring, and as a person he’s stable yet predictable and thus a relationship with him will grow stale overtime.

The downside is he often gives a bit TOO much without asking for anything in return and probably doesn’t stick up for himself enough. Tends to get too emotionally attached to women too quickly but doesn’t have the sexual attraction skills to elicit her desires, so he gets the friend zone.

If he ever does get a date, its with a girl who is way below his worth because he believes he can do no better, or with a beautiful girl who is simply desperate to find someone “stable” (i.e. she’s tired of dating jerks and decides to tolerate boredom over abuse).

Most beta males do not aim to improve themselves or do not know how. Some beta males are very cynical and have a “poor me” attitude.

Beta males are afraid of death deep down even if they outwardly say they are not.

Popular Examples (Just to name a few):

Bright Eyes Lead Singer

Lloyd Dobbler (Old John Cusack Character)

The Omega Male (Also known as A “Real Man” and “A Gentleman with an Edge”).

The best mixture of a sex god, a badass, a genuine friend, and impeccable integrity and morals. This is the man who has all of the badassery of an alpha male, and all of the positive friendly traits of a beta male, but with NONE of the negative side effects of either.

This is the highest state of development a man can achieve in his life.

Omega males are tough, strong-minded, genuine, honest, kind, ethical, wise, practical, self-aware, responsible, wild, passionate, and fantastically good at sex, flirting, and social skills.

Omega Males are unusually rare due to the amount of work and effort it takes to become one, omega males are what all women ultimately seek to be with.

Only a foolish woman would cheat on or leave an omega male, and even then this rarely happens because the Omega Male knows how to choose the right girlfriend (or wife) within minutes of meeting her.

Those who scoff at this notion or doubt it only do so because they’ve never experienced it.

Omega Males are not perfect (because perfection is impossible), but they ARE absolutely awesome.

Due to their skills they are capable of having any kind of relationships with women they want with zero drama, and women appreciate them, love them, and lust for them GREATLY.

Omega Males have a STRONG sense of their mission in life, their reason for existing, are not afraid of death, Omega Males are on a never ending path to become better men, and they improve their skills in all aspects of life daily.

For women, an experience with an omega male is often an unforgettable one.

Popular Examples (Just to name a few, In No Particular Order):

Gerald Butler (Leonidas From 300)

Christian Bale

Sean Connery

George Clooney

Ernest Hemmingway

Gregory Peck

Brad Pitt

Edward Norton

Will Smith

Denzel Washington

Samuel L. Jackson

Antonio Banderas

V from V for Vendetta

Humphrey Bogart

Clark Gable

Carey Grant

Any James Bond 007 Character.



Dr. Paul Dobransky M.D. (Inventor of the Omega Male System)

Source by Niko Kavinsky

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