Tips For Maintaining Employee Trust

By | February 20, 2017

Trust in the workplace is glue that keeps an organization together. Without trust among the employees who comprise an organization, very little meaningful, efficient work can be accomplished. If employees do not trust one another or, what's worse, do not trust management a company can very quickly come unbound.

To ensure a positive, confident workforce is maintained within an organization, managers need to take proactive steps to maintain trust in the workplace. Here are a few simple, yet effective ways managers can build and maintain organizational trust:

1. Stress the importance of integrity. Integrity is essential for trust within an organization. Employees need to believe that they can rely upon their colleagues to come through when needed and know that they are not being deceived in any way. Management should nurture a culture of honesty and responsibility to ensure business is conducted in the most ethical manner possible.

2. Share the Company's Vision. Open communication is necessary throughout an organization. By sharing the organization's goals with all employees, managers and employees alike can work towards a common goal and mutually decide the best routes to get there. Nothing instills a greater sense of trust than the feeling of being listened to.

3. Remember, No One Has A Monopoly On Good Ideas. Teamwork is one of the most important and necessary aspects for a successful organization. The only way for efficient teams to function is if there is a high level of trust among team members. Managers need to stress that all employees can contribute their feelings and opinions on issues and that they are as valid as anyone's; after all a good idea is a good idea, regardless of whether or not it came from the board room or the mail room.

4. Do Not Be A Glory Hog. When a team accomplishes a project or task, do not steal the spot light. Furthermore, recognize those who excel, but make sure everyone is rewarded for a job well done. If you do not, your team may not work as hard the next time around if they believe you will steal all the glory.

Source by Kevin R. Nash

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