Top Article Writing Tips and Structures for the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)

By | September 1, 2016

1. Get the reader's attention

The opening few lines are crucial. You must address a concern or problem, engage the reader and open a line of conversation that causes the reader to think. The title must be interesting and provides the reader with a clear idea of ​​what you are going to say. typical attention-getters include:

Useful structures

  • Have you ever / It's well-known that … but / People often say that …

2. Give your opinion

The article is meant to provoke thought but you must write to the reader specifically, imagine you are speaking to your mother. You would not be too formal (like with your teacher) but you would not be relaxed like with your friends. Make sure you keep the register consistent and make sure you address the reader with "you" not "the reader".

Useful structures

  • Personally / It seems to me that / In my view / As far as I'm concerned

3. Make it easy to read

Your structure is one of the most important aspects to the examiner. Make sure there is a clearly defined beginning, middle and end. Examiners have a lot of papers to mark, and rarely care about your content. You can speak about anything, as long as your English is correct and there is a clear structure. Break up your writing by using paragraphs and take a few minutes before the exam to think about what you will write.

Useful structures

  • Firstly, secondly, lastly / Apart from that / However / In conclusion

4. Stick to the point

Keep your writing on topic! If you are speaking about planes, it is fine to mention their history and their influence on the world, but do not start speaking about conspiracy theories and your mistrust of them. You have to stay on point and make it interesting.

Useful structures

  • What I find amazing about this topic is / When we ask ourselves (topic question) what do you think of?

5. Keep me interested

The great thing about an article is that it is a perfect way for you to express an opinion or an idea, without the formality of an essay and it allows you to be interesting. Do not lose the opportunity to make a joke or two. Do not try to be funny all the way through the essay (you are not that funny!) But include a joke or two at the end to brighten the examiners day :).

Useful structures

  • It was truly the best trip I've ever taken / It was well worth it and I'd recommend it to anyone

For more information about how to write for the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) and get more perfect writing structures please visit the link seen below. Thank you and good luck!

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