Verbal Hypnosis Method – The Secret of Conversational Hypnosis

By | February 19, 2017

If you are a sales person, one of your biggest challenges is overcoming objection and resistance when talking to a prospect. Most of the time, the sales person is unable to overcome this barrier because he has not effectively communicated the benefits of his product or services to the prospect. Professional marketer understands this and can overcome resistance easily with a method call “Verbal Hypnosis”.

Verbal hypnosis is also known as Conversational Hypnosis and it is a process of subtly communicating with the prospect via his subconscious mind without him realizing it. How does this form of covert hypnosis works? This article will provide some information on the art of linguistic hypnosis.

Conversational hypnosis is not taught main stream and is practiced only by a handful or people. Most people have a negative perception of hypnosis. Those that understand the science of hypnosis can use is in any verbal communication to their advantage. A person using covert hypnosis is systematically bringing the person he is talking into a state of trance. When we are in a trance, our mind is very sensitive and is more susceptible to suggestion either from words of body gestures. When the prospect is in a muse, the sale person can input powerful suggestion words into the subconscious mind hence heightening his imagination. The objective is to make the prospect see and feel the benefits of the product the marketer is trying to sell. In actual fact, the prospect convinces himself before he make a purchase.

Verbal hypnosis is an art which is quite difficult to master. Most people would not be able to hypnotize anyone on their initial training stage. Learning conversational hypnosis is better to be done with a guidance of a teacher or coach.

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