What Is the Messenger Courier Association of America?

By | October 29, 2015

The delivery and logistics industries play major roles in our society. As such, they deserve to have their unified voice represented by an association. As the largest trade association for these industries, the Message Courier Association of America serves as their voice. Members focus on supporting North American commerce while their association uses advocacy, networking, and education to promote and advance the delivery and logistics industries.

Basics of the MCAA

MCAA was created in 1987 as the non-profit association of, for, and by the courier industry. It is currently the largest trade association within the same-day delivery industry and it serves the needs of both shippers and expediters. For more than 25 years, this association has been working to promote the common interests of the industries it represents. Worldwide education and advocacy have helped to advance logistics and delivery to their current place in society.

Each year at the annual conference, which is the largest courier industry educational and networking event worldwide, a board of directors comprised of members is elected. Staff, the board, and 15 committees driven by members ensure that the processes and services of this association meet the needs of its membership. Members have access to many events and a large selection of resources including the association publication, Time Critical Journal of Commerce magazine.

Information important to MCAA Members

Members are expected to abide by a code of ethics that indicates their commitment to work toward common goals while conducting business. By accepting this code, they also agree to support the ethical and business guidelines of the association. Member and member company actions reflect upon both the association and the industry as a whole. Member companies should exhibit honesty and the highest levels of integrity.

Members fall into several categories including regular members that are messenger-couriers, motor carriers, or motor carrier brokers. Affiliate members are non motor carrier businesses that provide the industry with a product or service. Shipper members are other businesses that control or own goods that are being shipped.

Membership in this prestigious association is granted by the president or executive director. Members may voluntarily resign at any time and members who violate the bylaws, code of ethics, or another practice, rule, or agreement may be expelled. By joining this association, members of the delivery and logistics industries expose themselves to educational, networking, and advocacy opportunities that are typically not available through other sources.

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