Writing a Eulogy For Grandma – Words to Help Capture Her Spirit

By | March 18, 2017

Writing a eulogy for grandma can feel like a daunting task. After all, in most families the grandmother takes on the role of being the family matriarch. She's loved and adored by her children and grandchildren. Often she is a treasured friend and a loving and committed spouse. Trying to wrap all of that into a speech celebrating all her accomplishments is not easy. If you're sincere about delivering a eulogy for a grandmother you need to ensure you remember her fondly and admirably.

Compassion is the key when you are writing a eulogy for grandmother. Unless her grandchildren are all toddlers or babies, they'll likely be in attendance. For many her memorial service or funeral will be their first experience with the death of a loved one. Therefore, it's obviously incredibly important that you speak of her with eloquence and kindness. You want to envelop everyone in the room in her warm and giving spirit.

It's always nice to begin your eulogy for a mature woman with mention of the many accomplishments in her life professionally. We tend to overlook the fact that many of our grandmothers were at one time, vibrant and successful career woman. If she chose the courageous path of being a full-time wife and mother, mention that and all it entails. Speak of what she was most proud of in her own life. Let the people who are there to mourn her passing hear why she was so loved and treasured by everyone.

You definitely want to touch on the importance of her family to her. Before you deliver your eulogy it's always a wise idea to speak to family members about her. Gather together some of their unique and fond memories of her. Perhaps she had a special nick name for each grandchild or she baked a certain type of cookie that her family absolutely loved. It's always a great idea to speak of her through the eyes and ears of those closest to her. Their remembrances can really help capture her true spirit.

Her friends were likely just as devastated by her passing and their role in her life should also be celebrated. Family members love hearing of special moments their loved one spent with her friends. Speak with a friend or two to get their unique insight into the type of friend she was to them.

End your eulogy for grandma with a short story of something sweet or comical she once did. You want to leave everyone in the room feeling blessed to have known her and incredibly lucky to have been part of her amazing and important life.

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