Your New Year's Day DIY Tarot Reading

By | September 15, 2016

Happy New Year!

Do you want intuitive answers and insight to make the coming year your best ever?

Welcome the New Year with your very own DIY Tarot Reading and get the guidance you need for success now.

Follow these simple and easy steps. First, ground yourself. Visualize your body as a tree. Picture yourself as a mighty oak or a beautiful birch, or any tree that resonates with you. Focus on this image. Close your eyes and affirm, "My body is like a tree with roots that go deep into the earth."

Then breathe in peace and serenity while you breathe out tension and anxiety. Do this three times.

Now ask the Universe to give you the guidance you need to live your life for its highest good. Request the information you receive during your reading comes in a form that is clear and understandable to you.

Bless your Tarot deck. Then open it.

Shuffle the cards and arrange the top seven in the New Year's Day Lucky Seven Spread.

Place the first card at the top of a circle in the north position and the second card at the bottom in the south position.

Then place the third and fourth cards one above the other in the circle to your left, and the fifth and sixth cards one above the other to your right.

Lay the Lucky Seven card in the middle of the circle.

Look at each card and answer these questions:

What does this card tell me about my dreams for the New Year?

What are the action steps I need to take to manifest my hopes for the New Year?

What gifts and abilities do I possess that will help me realize my goals?

Are there skills I need to acquire or sharpen to attain success?

Are my dreams, hopes and goals aligned with my Divine Mission in life?

What does the Lucky Seven card reveal about the working of opportunity, synchronicity and Good Fortune in my life?

You may have a card that makes no sense and does not seem to belong in your reading. This is the Wild Card. Tune into it. Your "I have no idea what this means" will turn into an "Aha!" moment, most likely near the end of your session. The Wild Card often is the most significant card in the reading.

Record the answers, insight and guidance you receive from the cards in your Tarot journal.

Thank your deck for its wisdom and return it to your altar.

May you be blessed with prosperity and joy in the New Year.

Source by Inanna Lapis

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